Living on the Boundary


This documentary follows young Indonesians living on the border between two countries as they build a new future beyond the wounds of three generations of war.


During the Indonesian War of Independence, more than 1,000 Japanese fought alongside Indonesians. They fled the Japanese Imperial Army and remained in Indonesia. During the four and a half years of the War of Independence, approximately 400 Japanese soldiers are said to have died.
Their grandchildren, as Indonesians, are now working to let the Indonesian people know that Japanese soldiers participated in the War of Independence. 

Rikiyama Fujiyama, 24, and Nita Nakagawa, 41, are the grandchildren of Hideo Fujiyama. They carry the scars of being bullied as “grandchildren of cruel Japanese”. 

Rikiyama and the other third-generation of remaining Japanese soldiers will open a museum in 2023 to exhibit their grandfathers' history.  Nita came to Japan in 2005 and worked at a Toyota automobile assembly plant in Toyohashi. During her days at work, she was tapped on the head and had some unpleasant experiences as a Muslim. Now, while raising two children, she works as an intermediary between Indonesian technical intern trainees and Japanese companies. Nita is determined to live in Japan, believing that it is her mission to serve as a bridge between the two countries.

Director: Haruko KONISHI
Producer: Ken-ichi IMAMURA
Production status: Production
Completion schedule: 2024