Garden Road


A Japanese garden master tries to make a garden which links the culture of Japan and China.


This documentary follows Yasuo Kitayama considered the best gardener in Japan, as he visits China, where Japanese gardens have their roots, and collaborates with Chinese gardeners to create gardens in China.
Japanese gardens are widely enjoyed not only at temples and other historical sites, but also in luxury hotels, parks, and private residences. The roots of the Japanese garden are believed to have been introduced to Japan from China in the mid-6th century. Since then, Japanese gardens have developed while repeatedly adopting Chinese culture and have come to be highly regarded as a part of traditional culture. Chinese gardens, on the other hand, have also developed in their own unique way while preserving their traditions.
Kitayama desires to go to China to find the roots of his craft in old Chinese gardens, and work with Chinese gardeners, hoping to create a garden together and discover something new.

This documentary tells the story of Japanese and Chinese gardeners working together to create a new garden to deepen understanding between two countries so close yet so far apart. This documentary also uses the keyword "garden" to express the connection between the old and new in China and Japan.

Director: Tatsuya Onighi
Producer:Kengo Doi
Executive producer: Ken-ichi IMAMURA
Production status: Development
Completion schedule: 2024

PW: garden